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In January-May 2021, Uzbekistan reduced the exports of fruits and vegetables

According to the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the volume of exports of fruits and vegetables in January-May 2021 amounted to 526.9 thousand tons and, in value terms, exceeded $ 291.6 million (the rate of decline, compared to the same period in 2020, respectively amounted to 4,3%). 419.8 thousand tons of vegetables were exported for $ 172.5 million, as well as 70.2 thousand tons of fruits and berries for $ 80 million during five months, the note says.

In January-May 2021, the share of fruits and vegetables in total exports amounted to 5.1%, Nuz.uz writes.

The main export markets for fruit and vegetables are in Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and China.

From the information provided, it follows that Kazakhstan remains the largest importer of Uzbek vegetables and fruits.

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In January-May 2021, 261.5 thousand tons of agricultural products worth $ 76.6 million were exported to the neighboring country with a share of 26.3% in total exports.

The second major consumer of agricultural products from Uzbekistan was the Russian Federation, where 103.1 thousand tons of vegetables and fruits for $ 68.4 million were exported during five months with a share of 23.5% in the nationwide exports of fruits and vegetables.

During this period, 45.4 thousand tons of fruit and vegetable products were exported to Kyrgyzstan worth $ 42.3 million with a specific weight of 14.5%, and in China – 30.5 thousand tons worth $ 25.5 million with a specific weight of 8.7% in nationwide exports.


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