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Exploring Market Opportunities: Oranges and Mandarins from Egypt and Morocco in Central Asia

On April 23, 2024, during the online training session “How to Export Fruits and Vegetables to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan from Morocco and Egypt,” Yevhen Kuzin, an FAO Consultant and International Produce Analyst, delved into the promising perspectives for oranges and mandarins from Egypt and Morocco in the Central Asia markets. The discussion, organised by the Joint FAO/EBRD Project “Diversifying and Adding Value to Export Markets,” unveiled insights gleaned from a comprehensive study on market opportunities for fruits and vegetables from Egypt and Morocco in Central Asia, with a particular focus on Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, as reported by EastFruit.


Kuzin highlighted the significant growth in orange imports in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, doubling over the past five years. He identified Iran, Turkey, South Africa, and Egypt as the four key suppliers in this market. Notably, Kuzin pointed out two peak periods of imports: before the New Year and in spring, with corresponding fluctuations in wholesale prices during autumn and spring. Emphasizing the considerable price range variation, Kuzin underscored the lucrative opportunities for premium orange suppliers in Uzbekistan.

Regarding mandarins, Kuzin remarked on their rapid growth in imports across Central Asia, with Kazakhstan witnessing a threefold increase in recent years. He noted Uzbekistan’s parallel development in mandarin imports, particularly peaking in winter before the holidays. Kuzin highlighted the market dynamics, indicating a decrease in prices during winter with a peak towards the end of summer. Similar to oranges, he emphasized the potential for mass supply from Morocco or Egypt in winter or premium supply in lower quantities during spring and even summer.

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We also extend an invitation to fruit and vegetable exporters from Egypt and Morocco to participate in the upcoming trade mission to Uzbekistan from May 20-22, 2024. This mission is a component of the FAO/EBRD Project: Food Security Package SEMED, designed to bolster export opportunities and diversify market presence for your products Detailed information about the mission is available here. To apply for participation, please register here.


Furthermore, EastFruit reminds stakeholders that full oversight of fruit and vegetable pricing across markets in Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Moldova, and beyond is achievable through a subscription to EastFruit Premium.


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