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In 2020, apple stocks in european warehouses reduced by a third

The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) has published statistics on apple and pear residues stored in countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

According to the industry report, in Europe, the volume of apples in warehouses as of June 1 of this year was 33% less (657 thousand tons) than on the same date in 2019 (985 thousand tons). Most apples are stored in Italy – 207 thousand tons (-32.4% by 2019), France – 153 thousand tons (+ 6.7%), and Spain – 69.5 thousand tons (+30.5 %). It is noted that in Denmark the storage facilities are completely empty (-100%). FruitNews reports that the volume of production in storage decreased significantly in Poland (-75.6%), Germany (-56.6%), and Austria (-55%).

Of the total storage in Europe, 49.5% of apples are Golden Delicious, Jonagold – 8.7%, and Granny Smith – 5%.

Besides, in European stocks, the volume of pears decreased by 37% from 65.5 thousand tons in 2019 to 41.3 thousand tons in 2020. Most pears are stored in warehouses in the Netherlands (-16% compared with last year; 31.5 thousand tons), Spain (-4%; 8.5 thousand tons), and Belgium (-93.8%; 815 tons). The variety of Conference pears makes up 97.7% of the total.

As EastFruit previously reported, the United States can begin a new apple season, with significant volumes of the 2019 harvest apple in stock.


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