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Have carrot prices reached the bottom in Ukraine?

Carrot prices have been dropping for second consecutive week in Ukraine, EastFruit reports. The warm weather is to blame, as it causes the quality of the carrots to decline in the local growers’ storages. Farmers are in a hurry to sell their medium- and low-quality carrots, which drives the prices down in this market segment.

Carrots are now going for 6-9 UAH/kg ($0.16-0.24/kg), which is 12% lower than the previous week. The supply of carrots has increased, as more farms are selling their stocks. However, the market is also flooded with poor-quality produce, which affects the prices of the good ones. The current prices for carrots in Ukraine in UAH/kg are 76% lower than in early March 2023, and even lower than in early March 2022.

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Compared to other countries in the EastFruit monitoring region, Ukraine has the least expensive carrots. Their prices in Ukraine currently take just a half of those in Poland or Moldova. Market experts warn that if the negative trends continue, Ukraine may become the lowest-priced carrot seller in the region.



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