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Greenhouse tomato production may sharply decrease in Moldova

According to the operators of the Moldovan market of resources for agriculture, tomatoes in Moldova will be grown in greenhouses of all types on a maximum of 100 to 300 ha in 2023. In previous years, the total area of greenhouse plantations in Moldova fluctuated between 1 000-1 500 ha, of which up to 60% were tomatoes.

EastFruit analysts identified two main problems that caused this on the eve of the new sales season. The first is the energy crisis, which suddenly made firewood and coal a strategic raw materials. As a result, only greenhouse farmers that managed to stock up on energy resources last fall made production plans for the winter-spring of 2023. The rest did not even start buying seeds of tomatoes and other vegetables for early cultivation in greenhouses. Also, there will not be two production cycles – there will be only one, with harvesting in late spring – early summer.

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The second reason is the sharp outflow of the able-bodied population from Moldova in 2021-2022. For producers of vegetables and berries, both in greenhouses and in open plantations, this is a huge problem. In this regard, it is not surprising that many horticultural producers depending on seasonal labor, limit the production of annual crops.

In addition, the deficit and limited access to water for irrigation, as well as the rapidly degrading purchasing power in Moldova, will not lose their relevance in 2023. By and large, Moldovan vegetable growers will focus on growing vegetables of the “borsch set in the current agricultural season”. That is, products of daily consumption and at the same time in high demand in foreign markets.


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