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Greenhouse cucumbers are taken to a landfill in Russia due to labor deficit (video)

Many years of massive subsidies for the Russian greenhouse industry boosted local production of greenhouse vegetables. However, this approach to business, against the backdrop of the country’s aggressive policy towards its neighbors and the EU countries, as well as growing popularity fueled by government backing of openly racist and Nazi sentiments in the country, led to disastrous results.

Growing xenophobia towards other nationalities in Russia forced many migrant workers leave the country. In addition, many Russians left the country for fear of being drafted into the army for the war against Ukraine or in disagreement with the aggressive and repressive policies of the Russian regime. Also, many Russians have already died in the war against Ukraine. Therefore, there are fewer workers and consumers in the country, which negatively affected the local greenhouse industry, EastFruit notes.

A video has appeared online of a man filming a landfill in the Lukhovitsky district of the Moscow region with hundreds of tons of fresh greenhouse cucumbers. The man behind the video claims that this is the result of a shortage of labor to sort and package greenhouse vegetables, which local greenhouses are forced to damp into landfills.

Let us note that prices for cucumbers in Russia remained at a very low level this season. Importers from Poland took full advantage of it, actively imported greenhouse cucumbers grown in Russia and selling it to local consumers and to other countries of the EU.


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