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GLOBALG.A.P. certification obtained by two of the largest horticultural companies in Transnistria (Moldova)

Agro Compact SRL has 138 hectares of super-intensive apple, apricot, and cherry orchards. The company initiated the GLOBALG.A.P. certification process for its apple orchards in 2019. Last year, the company’s inspection was approved by an authorized certification body and following the results of the inspection, confirmed its certification for another year. In 2021, the company’s management plans to carry out the GLOBALG.A.P. certification process for its plum orchards with the expectation of exporting products to the European Union.

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Another company in Moldova, EvroRostAgro SRL, has been cultivating about 47 hectares of pome and stone fruit orchards since 2018, including almost 24 hectares of apple orchards. This year the company plans to plant almost 20 hectares of nectarines and cherries. Last year, the company’s apple orchards passed the GLOBALG.A.P. certification process for the first time. Its products are exported to the CIS markets with plans to supply them to the countries in the European Union, the Persian Gulf, and North Africa.

Both companies are members of the Dnestrovsky Fruit Association. The organization’s management hopes that other members will follow the example of these enterprises and become certified according to GLOBALG.A.P. for access to new markets, premium product segments, and higher prices.

Currently, there are more than 70 fruit growing enterprises in Moldova with valid GLOBALG.A.P. certificates.


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