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Georgian farmers will be able to purchase agricultural drones and weather stations with state financial support

In accordance with the decision of the government of Georgia, the funds that people employed in the agricultural sector can receive under the state project “Preferential Agro Loan” include an unmanned aerial vehicle (agricultural drone) and a weather station for agriculture, EastFruit reports.

According to the Georgian Rural Development Agency (RDA), the state will co-finance 11% of the annual interest rate set for the loan in the amount of 20 000 – 1.5 million GEL ($7 400-553 500) taken by a farmer to purchase a drone or a weather station during 48 months (4 years).

As noted in the RDA, the farmer will be able to forecast the weather, prevent threats due to pests and plant diseases, and collect relevant data for planning agricultural work with the meteorological station. Agridrones will help him to collect information from farmland by scanning, to plan and implement spraying and other agricultural activities aimed at increasing yields and quality.

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“The use of smart agriculture technologies and approaches allows to increase the competitiveness of agricultural products produced in Georgia both in the local and international markets,” the Agency stressed.

The project “Preferential Agro Credit” has been implemented in Georgia by the Rural Development Agency since 2013. It provides both individuals and legal entities employed in the agricultural sector with access to cheap financial resources through state co-financing of the interest rate on loans issued by banks and other financial organizations included in the project.


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