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Fruit and vegetable exports from Khatlon region (Tajikistan) increased by 20,000 tons

The pandemic did not prevent a significant increase in agricultural exports from the Khatlon region of Tajikistan. In 2020, a total of 108,000 tons of fruits and vegetables were exported from this southern region alone, which is 20,000 tons more than in 2019.

Onions accounted for the overwhelming majority of the total export volume to foreign countries at 89,400 tons in the amount of $8.9 million. Additional exports were other vegetables at 2,500 tons, fruits (including lemons) at 7,400 tons, and melons at 6,300 tons. Various dried fruits were also exported from the region. This information was reported by the press service of the chairman of the Khatlon region.

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Khatlon’s fruit and vegetable products were exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Lithuania.

Out of the total volume of exported products, over 22,600 tons were delivered by road and air transport, and more than 85,000 tons by rail, including 22,800 tons by the railway of the Khatlon region.

According to experts, subject to the creation of additional logistics centres; enterprises for processing, drying, packaging, storage, and refrigeration facilities; and the introduction of modern technologies for growing vegetables and fruits, farmers of the Khatlon region will be able to further increase exports and the geography of supplies of its fruit and vegetable products in the future.


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