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Five containers of Moldovan apples ready to ship to India – Moldova Fruct

Due to the Russian war against Ukraine and the Russian embargo on Moldovan fruits, local producers are looking for new markets. Among the alternatives are the Arab countries, India, and Egypt. Exports to the countries of the Persian Gulf are gradually activated since the beginning of this month, representatives of the Moldova Fruct association say. In their opinion, this alternative will increase the export of apples from the country.

The Arab market is a promising alternative for Moldovan apple producers. Thus, Moldova began to export fruits to the Persian Gulf countries in November, and apple prices in these markets are gradually growing.

However, shipments of large volumes of apples are currently slow, as there are logistical issues due to the war in Ukraine, Vitaliy Gorincioi, chairman of the Moldova Fruct Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters, said in an interview with Radio Moldova.

“Arranging exports is not that easy. Since the start of the war, we can no longer use the nearby ports – we are talking about the Odesa port, which was very convenient for us to export to Arab countries. Now we must first deliver the goods to Constanta, then transport them in containers and send them by sea to their destinations. There are some agreements. You must have documents and find a buyer who is ready to accept these products. Now is the time for us to bring our products to the Indian market.”

Vitaliy Gorincioi also said that five containers with apples are ready for transportation to India. A trial batch of 100 tonnes of apples to India is required to obtain a permit for transportation through Moldova. Producers must pass international certification and meet sanitary requirements in order to export to India, and due to logistical problems, transportation by sea can take more than a month. At the same time, more apples will be exported to Romania, but this will happen in early January 2023.

Earlier, the government of Chisinau started negotiations with Egypt to allow duty-free export of apples. This means that apples from Moldova will soon reach the Land of the Pyramids.

Recall that the total production of apples this year is about 400 000 tonnes, which is almost twice less than in 2021. The Republic of Moldova has exported more than 30 000 tonnes of apples from July to November, which is less than 8% of the total production.


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