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Exports of 2022 apples from Moldova will be almost twice as low as last year – forecast

According to experts from Moldovan organizations of agricultural producers in Moldova, about 60 000-65 000 tonnes of apples from the harvest of 2022 remained in the refrigerated warehouses of farmers and traders at the beginning of March. Given the fact that a little less than 30 000 tonnes were exported in January-February 2023 and about the same volume in August-December 2022, the exports of apple harvest-2022 are unlikely to exceed 110 000-120 000 tonnes.

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That’s about half the 2021 apple exports, EastFruit reports. However, market operators agree that even this result is good since the harvest of apples last year (400 000-410 000 tonnes) was about 40% lower than in the previous year. In addition, export performance in the current marketing season will likely be affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine, as well as the Russian embargo in the summer and autumn of 2022.

Among the positive expected results, experts note the assumption that a very small volume of the 2022 harvest, especially from the products remaining in warehouses by spring, will go to industrial processing. At the same time, the exports of Moldovan apples to the EU countries (Romania, Germany, Italy), as well as to the Middle East, has been gradually growing since February.


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