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EastFruit’s first virtual trade mission – Moldovan apple exporters (video)

In August, the first virtual trade mission on our YouTube channel was dedicated to direct apple exporters from Moldova

EastFruit experts were sympathetic to the mounting challenges farmers and wholesalers faced as COVID-19 pandemic restrictions limited opportunities for establishing new trade ties this year due to the lack of industry exhibitions, conferences, congresses, trade missions, and other events, which normally help to foster new business contacts. Additionally, the risks associated with international trade has increased dramatically due to these restrictions since the ability to trace a dishonest supplier or buyer remained limited due to travel restrictions between countries and regions.

Thus, EastFruit launched virtual trade missions this year for key export products as a way to still provide opportunities to meet our verified partners – suppliers of fruit and vegetable products – in a personal way. This innovative format allowed the producers’ faces, farms, and storage facilities to be seen as well as make direct contacts. Before introducing a company to you, we made sure it had the necessary volumes of quality products that could be stored, sorted, packed, and delivered to buyers.

The first virtual trade mission was posted on our YouTube channel back in August and was dedicated to direct apple exporters from Moldova who were also apple producers. Since Moldova urgently needed to diversify its exports, we recorded this video in English to help apple exporters find buyers (e.g., importers, wholesalers, and supermarket chains) in countries outside the former USSR.

Watch the virtual trade mission video for Moldova below:


In addition to introducing the companies in the video, listed below are some interesting facts about the apple business in Moldova as well.

  1. Moldova is the world leader in apple export per capita
  2. Moldova produces 20 times more apples than is needed to cover the domestic demand for fresh consumption
  3. Moldova exports more apples than the Netherlands
  4. Moldova is 16 times smaller in territory than France, but exports only 30% fewer apples than France
  5. Moldova is one of the 10 largest world apple exporters

We published similar videos with a virtual trade mission of Ukrainian apple exporters as well. We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel in order to watch our virtual trade missions and more in the future!


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