HomeNewsDue to the crisis in the Red Sea, Turkish apple exporters have found new supply routes

Due to the crisis in the Red Sea, Turkish apple exporters have found new supply routes

After a solid start, things became a bit more challenging for the Turkish apple season, Kubra Guven, marketing manager of Turkish fresh produce exporter Ana Fruit says: “This apple season has started with fast movements, but later things had to slow down a bit due to the Red Sea issues on the logistical part of the chain. However, we did not stop loadings and continued our weekly schedules through the new route where possible.”

According FreshPlaza, Guven states that they’re doing what they can to improve the cultivation process by educating the growers. “Our main varieties are Red Delicious and Granny Smith for the apples. As Ana Fruit, we follow the necessary measurements to make our fruit better and provide a longer shelf life. Before the season, we are having seminars for our farmers in different regions and give them a speech with our experienced engineering teams. Here they are updated regarding the treatments, pesticide usage and the correct harvesting time for a healthier apple. These actions result in our apples having a good image at the destination market, even after long transit time journeys.”

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Next to apples, Guven has also been occupied with the pomegranate season, which was a success: “Our main target is to not break the supply chain, so we will be loading our beautiful apples every week to our customers, mainly in Asia. We also do pomegranates, and that season did start quite slow. However, later on the movement in Europe got a lot better. We’re almost at the end of the pomegranate season now and we can state that it was a good one!”


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