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Chile set a new record of plum exports, and Uzbekistan jumped to the TOP-4 globally!

In 2022, Chile updated its own global record in fresh plum exports of 2019, EastFruit analysts report. Chilean fruit exporters supplied 158 000 tonnes of fresh plums worth $235 million to foreign markets in 2022. In terms of volume, exports grew by a third over the year and exceeded the previous record of 2019 by 3 000 tonnes.

Thus, Chile secured its leadership in the exports of fresh plums. South Africa and Spain, following Chile, lag behind the leader by almost 60 000 tonnes.

By the way, Uzbekistan made a huge leap in this global ranking in 2022 and ended up fourth in it. During the season, Uzbekistan exported a record 48 400 tonnes of fresh plums.

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After a series of lean years due to spring frosts, plum trees in Uzbekistan finally gave a high yield in 2022. However, growers are not satisfied with plum prices.

Nevertheless, low plum prices in Uzbekistan contributed to their exports. According to EastFruit price monitoring, wholesale prices for fresh plums in June-July 2022 were half as low as in 2021, and by August 5, 2022, they were 4 times lower than on the same date in 2021! Thanks to them, the exports of fresh plums from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan and Russia sharply increased. These two countries accounted for almost 96% of all Uzbek plum exports. In general, wholesale volumes of plums from Uzbekistan were supplied to only 5 countries. To compare, Chile exported large volumes of fresh plums to 44 countries around the world.


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