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Carrot prices in Uzbekistan fell by 30% in a month

The average wholesale price of this year’s carrots in Uzbekistan has decreased by 30% over the past month. This was caused by an increase in supply in the market due to the harvesting of a new crop and relatively low demand from carrot exporters, EastFruit experts note.

According to price monitoring, from October 21 to November 18, 2022, the average wholesale prices for carrots from the current year’s harvest in Uzbekistan decreased from 5 000 to 3 500 UZS/kg (from $0.45 to $0.31). As of November 18, 2022, the average wholesale price for carrots is 17% higher compared to the same date last year.

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Producers and market participants identify two main reasons for the decline in carrot prices. The first is an increase in carrot supply on the domestic market due to a new harvest since late-ripening carrots planted in the summer are harvested in Uzbekistan in October-November. The harvest of such carrots is estimated as good in the current season. The second reason is the decrease in demand for carrots from exporters compared to the same period last year. According to preliminary official statistics, over the last month – from October 21 to November 20, 2022 – Uzbekistan exported 2 400 tonnes of carrots, which is 2.2 times less compared to the same period last year. It should be noted that the levels of wholesale prices for carrots in this period of the current year were about the same as last year.


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