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ATCO Group and the Association of Hazelnut Producers of Georgia signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

August Töpfer & Co. (GmbH & Co.) KG (or ATCO Group) and the Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association (GHGA) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

ATCO Group is one of the world’s leading system suppliers in the food and feed sector. As part of its cooperation with Georgia, it is exporting Georgian hazelnuts to Italy and Germany.

According to the GHGA, cooperation within the framework of the memorandum will contribute to the further development of the Georgian hazelnut sector, its export to Europe, and the growth of incomes of Georgian hazelnut growers. Among the main areas of cooperation is the implementation of the principles of sustainable development and mechanisms for the traceability of Georgian hazelnuts.

“The first step has been taken towards the supply of traceable hazelnuts from Georgia to Europe. Cooperation will help attract Georgian hazelnuts to large European chains,” the GHGA stressed.

According to the Association, the parties are currently discussing several joint projects that will be presented to the public soon.

It is noteworthy that ATCO Group has been awarded the status of an honored member of the GHGA.

The Association of Hazelnut Producers of Georgia, established in 2013, today unites more than 30 000 farms. According to rough estimates, about 70 000 farmers are engaged in the cultivation of hazelnuts in Georgia. The total area of hazelnut orchards in Georgia is currently about 70 000 hectares.


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