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CarbonSpace partners with Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association to advance climate-smart agriculture

CarbonSpace is excited to announce the partnership with the Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association (GHGA) to advance climate-smart agriculture along the hazelnut supply chain. CarbonSpace is a satellite and AI-based platform that helps food & beverage companies generate carbon claims on land-based operations and reach climate goals across their supply chain, reports EastFruit.

GHGA works to increase knowledge related to hazelnut care in Georgia, improve the quality of hazelnuts, and increase production. This partnership enables the hazelnut industry to communicate its role in carbon sequestration, ecosystem health improvement, and climate change mitigation backed up with data from cutting-edge CarbonSpace technology. In addition, it could make Georgian hazelnut attractive to developed markets by proving the climate change mitigation contribution.

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The partners began their work with CarbonSpace’s analysis of 95 ha of hazelnut plantations in Western Georgia. As defined by CarbonSpace, those 95 ha, the yield of which was sold to Ferrero Group, sequestered an average of 7,2 tCO2/ha/year. The assessment demonstrated that, after the plantation’s establishment in 2018, carbon sequestration significantly increased with certain orchard management practices. GHGA and CarbonSpace look forward to continued demonstration that suppliers play a critical role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere, and the CarbonSpace digital monitoring tool makes measurement possible at scale.


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