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Uzbek fresh grapes “Lady’s finger” reach US supermarkets and are successful!

At the beginning of November 2023, a trial batch of Uzbek fresh table grapes of the “Kelin Barmo” variety (translation from Uzbek language means “Lady’s finger”) in the amount of one ton was supplied to the US market by the “Sherakhun” company from the Altyaryk district of the Fergana region of Uzbekistan. Subsequently, this company signed a contract to supply 250 tons of such grapes to the US, EastFruit specialists report.

This batch of packaged grapes appeared on the shelves of the NetCost supermarket chain at a price of US $8.99/lb, which is equivalent to $19.85 per kg. The store is located in New York State and, according to the information obtained from the Fergana region administration, the first shipment was sold out in just two days, reports the press service of the.

To export the first shipment of grapes, the Uzbek company carefully studied the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding this type of product. Subsequently, the Uzbek company “Sherakhun” signed a contract with the US company “E.L.A. Superior Produce Inc.” for exports of the “Lady’s Finger” variety of grapes to the US. The delivery of Uzbek grapes to the USA will be carried out by air.

It is also noted that the American company E.L.A. Superior Produce Inc.” decided to invest in post-harvest handling of these grapes by creating a base for sorting, packaging and storing fresh fruits in the Altyaryk district of the Fergana region.

The Altyaryk district of the Fergana region of Uzbekistan is called the grape region of the Fergana Valley. Vineyards in the courtyard of this region are almost in every house. The name “Altyaryk grapes” has already become a natural brand in Uzbekistan. This area is also one of the leaders among the country’s regions in terms of fresh grape exports.

According to the regional administration, the total area of vineyards in the Fergana region is 8,288 hectares, of which 3,284 hectares are in the Altyaryk region. This year, 61.8 thousand tons of grapes were produced in the Altyaryk region, which is about 30% of the total volume of grapes produced in the Fergana region.

The Altyaryk region also has a well-developed infrastructure for storing fresh fruits and vegetables with 83 cold storage facility of a total capacity of 68.8 thousand tons.

According to EastFruit analysts, Uzbekistan exported fresh table grapes to the United States for the first time in 2021 but the volume was very small – only 7 tons. In 20221, the volume of table grape exports from Uzbekistan to the United States decline to just to 4 tons. Being one of only two double landlocked countries in the world, Uzbekistan pretty much has to export grapes by air as alternative routes for container exports are going through several boarders and could face significant delays and hidden costs.

Also, in the winter of 2023 Uzbekistan has lost many of its vineyards due to unusual frosts and will require several years to recover.


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