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Moldova may fully complete the exports of table grapes harvest by mid-December

According to experts of the associations, at the moment, no more than 5-7 thousand tonnes of table grapes are left in the cold storage facilities in Moldova. The exports in November are very active. Even if in December the volume and pace of exports decrease, it is highly likely that by the middle of next month the exports of the remaining table grapes will be completed.

According to the customs service, in October 2021 Moldova exported about 15 thousand tonnes of table grapes, which is twice as much compared to October last year. The export volume of Moldovan table grapes in September-October amounted to almost 22 thousand tonnes.

Representatives of associations believe that this year, growers have responded to calls from experts to shift the period of the most active sales of grapes closer to the time of harvest, without waiting for a hypothetical rise in prices for it in winter. Moreover, the quality parameters (sugar content) of most of the table grapes of the harvest-2021 were not suitable for long-term storage.

As a result, the bulk of table grapes, including Moldova variety, were sold at an average price of 12 MDL/kg ($ 0.69/kg). By mid-November, the average price level for Moldova grapes rose to 13 MDL/kg ($ 0.74/kg), which increased sales.

Even if the price of this product stabilizes at the current level or begins to decline, the right decision would be to continue selling it. Because in short term, the costs of storing, sorting and packing grapes will increase.


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