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Moldova’s table grapes storage volumes are up from early forecasts

Experts of the Moldovan Ministry of Agriculture (MADRM) suggest that about 35 thousand tons from the 2021 harvest of late table grape varieties will be stored in the storage facilities of growers and tradiers (mainly the “Moldova” variety). In the last three or four years, a storage capacity up to 40 thousand tons was saved for the late table grapes varieties.

It can be assumed that the findings of the experts of the ministry are based on two facts: a relatively high projected harvest of table grapes in 2021 – about 100 thousand tons, and the relatively good quality of Moldova table grapes harvested in October.

In mid-October, EastFruit reported that experts from viticultural associations feared a sharp decline in the quality of Moldova grapes due to frosts. Fortunately, the situation did not develop according to the worst scenario. It became warmer in the country at the end of last and this week. There has not yet been significant precipitation, contrary to weather forecasts. Experts consider the weather conditions perfect for table grape harvesting. Moreover, the quality of table grapes coming from the southern regions is rated by the growers as “very good: the branches are green, the berries in the bunches are large.”

However, experts from associations now, as well as on the eve of the harvest campaign, recommend that growers sell their crops to exporters “as soon as possible so that the final consumer receives the freshest and most marketable products.”

The sales rate of late grape varieties of the 2021 harvest is likely to slightly differ from those in previous seasons. According to the customs service of Moldova, about 15 thousand tons of new harvest table grapes were exported from July to mid-October – about the same as in these months last year.

The exports of table grapes intensified in October and it has already amounted to almost 9 thousand tons since the beginning of the month. At the same time, Russia is still the main buyer of Moldovan table grapes, with a large gap from the rest of their importers.

In addition to the increase in export volumes, the level of wholesale prices for Moldova grapes also increased in mid-October – by around 1 MDL/kg to 9-12 MDL/kg ($0.51-0.68/kg). The only question is whether farmers will be satisfied with these prices or keep table grapes in warehouses, hoping that prices will rise in November-December or even early next year.


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