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Ukrainian growers are selling blueberries cheaper than last year

The supply of blueberries on the Ukrainian market keeps growing, and their prices fall respectively, EastFruit project analysts say. Key market players note that the fall in prices for blueberries in early July is not a new phenomenon: as a rule, it is at this time that active berry harvesting begins accompanied by an increase in supply on the market.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, blueberries in Ukrainian farms have fallen in price by an average of 22% only since the end of the last week. Today, most blueberries are sold at 210-280 UAH/kg ($7.18-9.57/kg), while last week, growers did not ship them cheaper than 280 UAH/kg ($9.57/kg).

According to the growers, several factors at once provoke the price decline in the segment. The supply on the market has increased compared to last week, as most growers from the western regions have started peak harvesting. In addition, pressure on blueberry prices is exerted by large volumes of cheaper seasonal fruits and berries on the market.

Notably, today blueberries in Ukraine cost on average 20% cheaper than in the same period last year. Nevertheless, growers do not exclude that they will be forced to continue to reduce prices, as the supply of blueberries from local farms keeps growing every day.


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