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Ukrainian growers are forced to further reduce cabbage prices

Prices for cabbage have been falling on the Ukrainian market for the second week in a row, EastFruit project analysts report. Market participants explain the new decrease in prices in the segment by a significant increase in the supply of substandard products. A large part of cabbage on the market is currently frozen cabbage. In the meantime, some farmers prefer to store high-quality white cabbage and start selling it no earlier than mid-December. The other producers keep selling quality cabbage today, increasing the total supply on the market. They explain this by sharply increased energy costs. In the light of recent power outages in most regions of Ukraine, farmers are unsure if they will be able to keep high quality of fruits and vegetables stored.

To date, Ukrainian cabbage producers have already lowered prices to 6-8 UAH/kg ($0.23-0.34/kg), which is on average 17% lower than a week earlier. The main reason for the decline in selling prices was a sharp increase in the supply of cabbage on the market and the unsatisfactory quality of the main volumes of white cabbage. Savings on plant protection products and fertilizers, together with adverse weather conditions in September-October, resulted in a massive spread of cabbage diseases, making it impossible to sell cabbage at high prices today.

As analysts of the EastFruit project note, despite the rapid reduction over the past two weeks, the prices for white cabbage in Ukraine are currently at least 40% higher than in the same period last year.

At the same time, market experts stick to their preliminary forecasts about insufficient supply of cabbage on the Ukrainian market in the second half of the current marketing season. That is, there may be new upward price trends in the segment soon.


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