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Ukraine: Prices for lemons are falling due to low demand

According to analysts of the EastFruit project, there is a downward trend in prices for lemons in Ukraine. Market operators associate the decrease in prices in this segment, with the traditional seasonal reduction in buyers’ activity and the low quality of these citrus fruits.

Market participants reported that demand for lemons has noticeably deteriorated. At the same time, the supply of these fruits on the Ukrainian market was more than sufficient. In the warehouses of Ukrainian wholesale companies, huge consignments of unsold products accumulated, the quality of which gradually deteriorated.

As a result, the sellers decided to revise the lemons’ selling prices downward to activate the sales rate and quickly sell the existing stocks. So, сurrently, large wholesale lemons are offered for sale at UAH 28-45/kg ($0.99-1.59/kg), which is on average 18% cheaper than at the end of the last working week.

Simultaneously, the price of lemons in Ukraine today is already on average 20% lower than in the same period last year. To compare, in the second half of January 2020, lemons’ minimum prices started at UAH 35/kg ($1.24/kg).


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