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The price rise continues in the Ukrainian onion market

The upward trend in the already record-high prices for onions continues in the Ukrainian market, due to the reduction in onion stocks in local farms and the consistently high demand, analysts of the EastFruit project inform.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, prices for onions range from 42 to 47 UAH/kg ($1.15-1.29/kg), which is on average 18% more expensive than last week.

According to project experts, the demand for onions from wholesale companies is still quite high, which allows producers to raise the price. Prices are also supported by reduced supply in the market since many large farms have completed the sales of onions.

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It should be noted that the current price of onions in Ukraine is already 4 times higher than in the first week of March 2022, and is a record high in the history of the country’s independence. At the same time, market participants think that the upward trend in prices for onions will continue, and the growth rate will accelerate as stocks in the storage facilities of Ukrainian farms decrease.


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