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The demand for sea buckthorns is constantly growing according to the Ukrainian producers

Sea buckthorns is a new and relatively easy culture for the commercial production. The demand for it is growing from year to year. Thus, Ukrainian companies are actively expanding the cultivated area SEEDS writes.

Fedir Prima, chief agronomist of the agricultural company Ecopark (Chernihiv region), spoke about this during the webinar “Berry Forecast-2021. New season – new problems?” organized by the “APK-Inform: vegetables and fruits” project. The media partners of the event were the EastFruit international platform and the Sapienza agromedia agency.

“We started with small areas. In 2016, it was six hectares of blueberries and six hectares of strawberries. We tried different technologies and trained hard.

Today we have 35 hectares of blueberries and 22 hectares of sea buckthorn. Six hectares of strawberries were dismissed last year because their term expired. We are planning to develop both sea buckthorns and blueberry and considering other berry crops to further expand” said Fedir Prima.

“Why exactly these cultures? Blueberries were a very ”hot” crop in 2016. We tried and we understood the main technology peculiarities, and began to further develop it.

Regarding sea buckthorns, we became interested in it, learned about it and started looking for good planting material in 2017-2018. We went to the Latvian nursery of Andrey Bruvelis. We saw his fields and his clients’ fields. We decided to add a row of buckthorn to our field.

Sea buckthorn is a new culture in terms of commercial production. Its demand is growing. We understand now that we still need to expand, because the market is growing, “- the chief agronomist of the agricultural company” Ecopark ” said.


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