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Surprise in Georgian blueberry market

Analysts at EastFruit have recently summarised the 2023 season of Georgian blueberries. Usually, the season lasts only two months, June and July. However, the official trade data reveals that for the first time ever Georgia has exported blueberries in August.

In the main exporting window of June and July Georgia has exported almost 3 thousand tons of blueberries and generated revenue of $17.8 million, EastFruit infroms. This is nearly the total production of the country. Surprisingly, an extra 260 tons of blueberries have been exported in August. The revenue amounted to $1.6 million. As usual, almost all of these blueberries were exported to russia.

This is practically the first time Georgia has exported in August. Market research reveals that August’s exports were mostly late varieties and some were stocked blueberries. Interestingly, the price for late exports was 16% higher than the export price in July. Export revenue per kilogram in August was about $6.40 (FOB).

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Now we can definitely say that the most successful season so far is over and there should be no large quantities of blueberries left to export. Upcoming seasons may break the current one’s record. Galt&Tagart forecasts that production will increase and Georgia will harvest 25 thousand tons of blueberries in 2027.


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