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Supply disruptions drive up prices for greenhouse tomatoes in Poland

Interruptions in the supply of imported tomatoes to the Polish market due to unfavourable weather conditions contribute to an increase in prices for these products in Poland, according to analysts of the EastFruit project. The key market players reported that the upward price dynamics in the segment of imported tomatoes was established in Poland even before the Christmas holidays.

The main reason for the rise in the price of greenhouse tomatoes was the consistently high demand in conditions of limited supply since the supply of this product from Morocco and Spain was unstable and in smaller volumes. At the same time, local tomatoes were practically not on sale due to the seasonal factor.

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To date, imported tomatoes from Morocco go on sale at $0.93-1.33/kg, which is on average 10% more expensive than at the end of last year. Meanwhile, Spanish tomatoes have risen in price by an average of 46% since the beginning of January and are currently offered for sale at $1.87-2.39/kg.

It should be added that, despite the price increase, imported tomatoes from Morocco in Poland today are on average 34% cheaper than in mid-January 2020. Tomatoes produced in Spain, on the contrary, rose in price by an average of 11% over the year.


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