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Reduced export demand led to sharp reduction in the cost of early potatoes in Ukraine

Analysts of the EastFruit note a tendency of a rapid reduction in prices for potatoes of a new crop in the Ukrainian market. Market operators consider the main reason for the negative price trend to be a noticeable decline in the interest of exporting companies in the purchase of these products.

As a result, currently, Ukrainian farmers are ready to ship early potatoes at a price of 8-12 UAH / kg ($0.30-0.45 / kg), which is on average 20% cheaper than at the beginning of this week. Manufacturers were forced to yield in the price for a variety of reasons. Thus, in addition to seasonal supply growth, pressure on prices was exerted by a decrease in the purchasing activity of exporters. As a result, producers were forced to sell almost the entire volume of early potatoes on the domestic market of the country.

However, even after a significant decrease, prices for early potatoes in Ukraine at the moment are on average 14% higher than in the same period last year. At the same time, farmers do not exclude the possibility that next week prices for these products will go down again in the event of a further lack of export.


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