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Record high prices for cauliflower in Poland

Due to a combination of many factors, the supply of imported vegetables on the Polish market, especially in winter, has dropped sharply, EastFruit project analysts report with reference to the fresh-market website. A sharp increase in the cost of vegetable production, adverse weather conditions, a shortage of labor, difficulties in the logistics sector, and other factors have led to a decrease in the supply of imported vegetables to the Polish market. Prices for many of them have broken records, as has happened with cauliflower.

In winter, cauliflower is imported to Poland mainly from Spain. There are also imports from Italy and France, but they are small. At the same time, the supply of cauliflower in Europe has been quite low over the past few months and it keeps declining.

The current situation has already affected the prices of cauliflower in the Polish market. They increased this year by 256% from the end of November last year to February! Currently, prices for imported cauliflower have slightly decreased to 11.00-15.00 PLN/pc ($2.54-3.46/pc), which is 11% cheaper on average than a week earlier.

However, even after the price reduction, the current price of cauliflower in Poland is a record. It is not worth expecting a seasonal decrease in prices in this segment in March-April, since the growth of costs for cauliflower production prompted most European producers to revise the area planted with this crop.


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