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Ramadan boosts Barhi date sales

Ramadan has led to an increase in demand for fresh Peruvian Barhi dates at Yex. The Dutch importer has been receiving these dates via air freight for the past two weeks, and the first sea shipments from Peru will soon commence, FreshPlaza informs.

With the Peruvian Barhi dates, Yex has a unique product in its portfolio. “Our grower Athos, who also supplies us with pomegranates, figs, golden berries, and avocados, is Peru’s only Barhi date grower,” says Commercial Director Edwin van Leeuwen. “We handle his distribution across much of Europe. As the trees are still young, the harvest will only increase in the coming years. Distribution is split between the UK, Europe, and America, where there’s also a good market for this product.”

“Other crops in Peru, like asparagus, mangoes, and avocados, have been very disappointing. The Barhi date harvest, though, has been good. It seems El Niño affected them less,” continues Edwin. Yex started with these dates last year, and that first year was very successful. “They’re a hit, especially during Ramadan.”

“We receive 20 to 40 pallets per week and distribute them among our customers throughout Europe. Most of our clients are in the wholesale markets, but we occasionally supply higher-end retailers who want to differentiate themselves from dried dates with these Barhi dates,” says Van Leeuwen. “Buyers get a distinctive product that’s deliciously fresh, crunchy and looks good. Plus, they’re true energy boosters.”

Yex packages the Barhi dates in loose 2 and 4.5 kg formats and 12×320 g clamshells. They cost roughly 10/kg, but according to Edwin, that price should drop with the arrival of the first sea freight. Yex will keep importing these dates from Peru for about ten more weeks. For promotions, the importer can include recipe cards with the dates.


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