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Prices for greenhouse cucumbers collapsed in Ukraine

After a sharp rise in the price of greenhouse cucumbers last week in Ukraine, prices began to decline rapidly, analysts of the EastFruit project report. As representatives of growers note, the price decline was quite expected, since the supply of cucumbers of the second turnover is growing on the market every day, while the demand remains relatively low.

Today greenhouse plants are selling cucumbers at 10-15 UAH/kg ($0.38-0.56/kg), which is on average 35% cheaper than at the end of the last work week.

According to the growers, a weakening demand forces them to reduce prices for greenhouse cucumbers. To date, retail chains and wholesale companies purchase greenhouse cucumbers in small batches because of extremely low retail sales rates. The greenhouse cucumber growers failed to avoid the price decline, even despite a significant decrease in competition with open field cucumbers.

Today, the price of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine is already on average 16% lower than in mid-September 2020. At the same time, most representatives of the growers assume there might be a further price reduction in this segment, as the new supply of cucumbers on the market increases.


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