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Positive trend in high quality onion prices has emerged in Ukraine

Ukrainian farmers were able to increase wholesale prices for high quality onions in the first days of the current week, according to EastFruit market monitoring. The main reason for the uptrend was shortage of supply of higher quality onions as farmers preferred storing them.

Today Ukrainian farms offer high-quality onions for 10-15 UAH/kg ($0.28-0.42/kg), which is on average 25% more expensive than at the end of the last working week. Prices for lower quality onions have not changed.

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Interestingly enough, offer of lower quality onions seems to be drying out and that’s also one of the factors supporting the prices of higher quality product. As we could see from the chart below, average wholesale prices for onions have been rather stables in the recent 5 weeks and are close to an average level of the previous years.

High-quality onions in Ukraine are also 45% less expensive today than at the beginning of November 2022. At the same time, many farms intend to continue increasing prices as most of them are confident that there are sufficient reasons for a rather steep increase in onion prices.

Onon prices in Ukraine are also 10 US cents below price levels noted in Poland and are on par with prices in Moldova.


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