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New market niches for fruits and vegetables from Egypt open up in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

Joint FAO/EBRD Project “Diversifying and adding value to export markets” just completed a study on market opportunities for fruits and vegetables from Egypt and Morocco in Central Asia, with focus on Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and has determined several exciting new market niches.

These opportunities will be presented on April 23, 2024 at a Zoon-based online training How to export fruits and vegetables to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan from Morocco and Egypt. The training will start at 11:00am Egypt time (CET), 09:00am Morocco time.

The training will cover all aspects: existing trade and import trends of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, logistics, price levels for selected products at wholesale and retail, packaging, practical experience of traders, specifics of the market, information sources, etc. All verified participants will receive an electronic copy of the market study.

Participation in the training is free of charge upon registration. To register please follow this link. 

This training will be specifically of interest to companies involved in citrus, potatoes, berries, dates, mangoes, and avocadoes. However, the countries continue to develop consumption and diversify, which opens up new opportunities.

The program of the training is as follows:

  1. Central Asia’s market specifics (cultural, historical and other aspects)  – Andriy Yarmak, FAO Economist
  2. Fruit and vegetable market niches for Egypt and Morocco in Central Asia – Yevgen Kuzin, FAO Consultant, International Produce Analyst
  3. Practical experience of exporting to Central Asia – Frutella Company, Ms. Shahira Sarhan, Export Manager
  4. Logistics to Central Asia – Fedir Rybalko, International Produce Logistics and Market Specialist
  5. Typical mistakes to avoid preparing for the trade mission – Andriy Yarmak, FAO Economist
  6. Packaging, volume, and other requirements of importers in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan – Ulugbek Davkhanov, Head of Fruits and Vegetables department of Makro supermarket chain (Uzbekistan); Jangirov Karam, LLC “Roman” Kazakhstan
  7. Q&A, next steps.

Register to attend the training here. 


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