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Moroccan growers condemn attacks on tomatoes in France

Moroccan tomato producers have been subjected to disturbances in France, notably in Perpignan, with the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture (COMADER) attributing these actions to three French agricultural groups. COMADER has expressed a commitment to cooperation within the framework of European trade agreements, while condemning the “unjustified attacks” on their exports since the beginning of the season. According FreshPlaza, the organization criticizes French authorities for their insufficient response to the escalating incidents and asserts that Moroccan tomatoes meet all EU regulatory standards, undergoing rigorous inspections prior to market entry in Europe.

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According to COMADER, the import of Moroccan tomatoes addresses a seasonal production gap in the French market and supports employment in the logistics sector of Perpignan. In response to the hostility, COMADER has stated its intention to protect its members’ interests through all available means, highlighting the legality of Moroccan tomato exports under the Morocco-EU agreement. The organization also warned French groups against continuing their disruptive actions.


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