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Moldova growers of table grapes look to expand seedless grapes production

According to the leadership of the Association of Table Grape Producers of the Republic of Moldova, in 2021 at least 100 hectares of new intensive plantations of seedless table grapes will be planted in the country. At least some of them will be shaped using pergolas. Moreover, most of the planned plantings are relatively large vineyards, several tens of hectares each.

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According to the chairman of the association, Giorgi Gaber, the leading vineyards of Moldova have been trying for several years to fit into the global consumer trend for a high demand of high-quality seedless grapes. The area of ​​vineyards based on these varieties in Moldova is gradually increasing. But, as it turned out, the factor holding back this process is the shortage of high-quality planting material at the moment.

Over the past few years, the bulk of the locally produced seedless grape harvest has been sold on the country’s domestic market; its exports are small and not yet systematic. At the same time, according to expert estimates, the daily consumption of grapes by the retail market of Chisinau (about 10 tons) can be supplied from only one hectare of vineyard. Thus, the high season of grape consumption in the capital of the Republic of Moldova is capable of taking over only one large viticulture farm, which has 50-60 hectares of table grapes of highly liquid varieties.

According to experts, in the future for Moldova, one of the basic export varieties of seedless grapes may become the local variety “Kishmish Radiant”.


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