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Mandarin and orange prices rising in Ukraine for upcoming New Year’s holiday

The excitement leading up to New Year’s Day stimulates a rise in prices for mandarins and oranges in Ukraine according to EastFruit analysts. Market operators say the piqued interest in purchasing these citrus fruits from wholesale companies and retail chains in Ukraine is traditionally observed on the eve of the New Year’s holiday. Ukrainian importers have already managed to increase the price of mandarins and oranges despite the seasonal supply increase of these fruits.

For a week, mandarins have risen in price by an average of 10%. Today, the selling prices for these citrus fruits vary within the range of 26-48 UAH/kg ($0.93-1.73/kg). Oranges are currently on sale at UAH 33-55/kg ($1.19-1.98/kg), which is on average 22% more expensive than the end of last week.

Peak supplies and sales of these citrus fruits in Ukraine traditionally falls on December. The main suppliers of these fruits to the Ukrainian market in time for New Year’s are Georgia and Turkey. These products are also imported from Egypt.

It should be noted that in the same period last year, the cost of mandarins was 16% cheaper on average than today. Oranges have risen in price by an average of 30% over the year. Key market players explain this price difference as being due to annual changes in the dollar exchange rate against the hryvnia.


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