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Grape exports from Moldova in December 2023 were disappointing

According to EastFruit analysts, based on the insights of the fruit growers’ associations of Moldova, in December 2023 the country exported about 12.4 thousand tons of table grapes, most of which went to the countries of the European Union. That’s a lot less than earlier expectations of market players.

Thanks to very attractive farm-gate prices, which were record high and averaged 22 MDL/kg, or US $1.25/kg, traders expected that exports of Moldovan grapes will remain as high in December as in November 2023 and would be close to 25 thousand tons.

Average wholesale price of Moldovan grapes in December 2023 were twice as high as in December 2022 and should have stimulated more exports.


In total, in August-December 2023, Moldova exported about 68 thousand tons of table grapes, which is a major increase over the same period of 2022 when only about 49 thousand tons of grapes were exported.


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According to the observations of market participants, in December 2023 traders bought almost all export-quality grapes from winegrowers and exported it immediately. At the beginning of 2024, grape stocks in fruit storages were estimated to be very low. Only those farmers and traders who have export contracts for January-March 2024 maintained stocks. According to the market experts, the total volume of stocks is no more than 10-12 thousand tons. This is approximately the same amount of grapes that Moldova exported in January-March 2023.


In 2020-2022 Moldova exported higher volumes of grapes in the winter-spring period- about 20-23 thousand tons on average.


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