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Exports of table grapes from Uzbekistan: higher volume, lower revenue

From the beginning of July to the end of September 2021, the volume of table grapes exports from Uzbekistan increased by 45% compared to the same period last year. Despite such a solid increase in the export volume, export earnings for this position decreased by 3%, EastFruit experts report.

According to the Customs Committee of the republic, from the beginning of July to the end of September 2021, Uzbekistan exported 111.1 thousand tons of table grapes worth $73.9 million, while in the same period last year the export volume amounted to 76.6 thousand tons worth $76.3 million.

Accordingly, the prices for export of Uzbek table grapes this year are much lower – by about 30-35% than in the same period in 2020, which led to a decrease in export earnings despite a large increase in export volumes in physical terms.

The season for exporting table grapes from Uzbekistan starts in July. In the midst of the season, EastFruit already wrote that the supply of Uzbek table grapes on the Russian market significantly exceeded demand. This exerted price pressure on their main external market, despite the fact that in early September, Uzbek grapes were already 20-30% cheaper than in the same period last year. Exports statistics confirmed this.

As for the exports geography of Uzbek table grapes, according to EastFruit analysts, 95-99% of them were supplied to three countries – Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, around 50% of exports were to Russia, 35-40% – Kazakhstan and 10-15% – Kyrgyzstan. In addition, a little more than 500 tons of Uzbek table grapes were exported to Ukraine, 350 tons to Belarus and small supplies of up to 20 tons were made to Latvia and Mongolia.


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