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Moldova sharply reduced table grapes production forecast due to the drought

Just two weeks ago, experts from Moldovan viticulture organizations predicted a high harvest of table grapes – significantly more than 100,000 tons. However, by the end of July 2023 many industry players are lowering their assessment of the potential production of table grapes. In their opinion, there is already a reason to believe that the harvest of table grapes will be lower than last year’s (about 120,000 tons) by about 20%.

On the one hand, the phytosanitary condition of table grape plantations in spring and in the first half of summer was assessed by growers as good. A patchy distribution of oidium, rubella, and minor damage from pests (thrips, etc.) was observed in some vineyards. The situation does not cause concern at the moment, according to EastFruit.

But on the other hand, vineyards are mostly not equipped with irrigation systems, and the vast majority suffer significantly from drought. Vine growers note a halt in the growth of the leaf apparatus and the slow growth of berries. Experts say heavy and prolonged precipitation in late July – early July can change the overall picture, but such a scenario is unlikely.

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Also, experts draw attention to the fact that a significant number of growers, despite the high harvest last year and the possible impact on the new crop of the biological periodicity factor, as well as the probable drought this summer, did not reduce the load (number of clusters) on grape bushes. It was a risky tactic, “on the verge of an agrotechnological error.” It may also harm productivity and product quality.



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