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Demand for high-quality cabbage has intensified in Ukraine

An increase in prices for white cabbage was recorded this week in Ukraine, although only in the high-quality cabbage segment, EastFruit project analysts report. The main reason for the rise in prices in the segment was the rather limited supply of high-quality cabbage, since most farms store it in storage, refusing to sell at current prices.

According to the project’s daily monitoring data, white cabbage is currently sold at 7-10 UAH/kg ($0.19-0.27/kg), which is 20% more expensive on average than at the end of the last week.

To date, the price of white cabbage in Ukraine is already on average 1.7 times higher than in the same period of 2021, with most market participants expecting its further rise in price. They explain their opinion by a decrease in the production of white cabbage in the country, while the share of cabbage suitable for long-term storage has also significantly decreased.


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