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A surprising carrot price drop in Ukraine

The Ukrainian carrot market in Ukraine is facing a slump in prices, according to EastFruit analysts.


Farmers are currently offering carrots at 8-12 UAH/kg ($0.21-0.32/kg), which is about 17% less than last week. The producers blame the oversupply of carrots from local farms for the price drop. The warm weather has also affected the quality of the product, making it spoil faster in the storage facilities of small farms. As a result, farmers are trying to get rid of their excess stock. Meanwhile, large producers, who have adequate storage capacity, are holding back their sales, hoping for a better market situation.


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However, the market situation is not likely to improve soon, as the price of carrots in Ukraine has already fallen by 53% on average since early February 2023. The low trading activity in this segment also indicates a weak demand for this product.


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