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2021 in Moldova was marked by a higher plum harvest and reduced exports

According to a preliminary assessment of the organizations of fruit growers in Moldova, the plum harvest in the country amounted to around 105-125 thousand tonnes this year (in 2020 – about 65 thousand tonnes, in 2019 – 109 thousand tonnes, in 2018 – 133 thousand tonnes). Despite an almost twofold increase in the production compared to last year’s level, plum exports are unlikely to reach the level of 2020 this year.

As of early December 2021, around 52 thousand tonnes of plums of the new harvest were exported from the country. According to expert estimates, less than 1,000 tonnes of plums remain in the cold storage facilities of growers and traders, which will be sold on the domestic market. The export of plums of the 2020 harvest amounted to about 56 thousand tonnes.

According to participants the country’s fruit market, “the surplus of the increased plum harvest in 2021 was mainly used for processing.” According to the members of the Speranța Con Association of Canned Fruit and Vegetable Producers, about 10-12 thousand tonnes of plums were processed into paste – significantly more than last year. According to preliminary estimates of market players, enterprises for the production of dried fruits purchased 20-30 thousand tonnes of industrial plums (their warehouses were empty since last year’s poor harvest, and the demand for dried fruits was great).

It is extremely difficult to determine the volume of plum sales on the domestic fresh market, but it is in no way less than several tens of thousands of tonnes. In the current fruitful year, it is likely to have increased – plums have been and remain the most affordable type of stone fruit.


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