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Beautiful season of citrus fruits in Cairo, Egypt in photos from markets (photo)

Egypt is one of the world leaders in the production and exports of citrus fruits. Therefore, today EastFruit experts decided to show the prices, display, and assortment of these fruits in the capital of Egypt, Cairo.

As we can conclude from the pictures below, supermarkets in Egypt are losing the competition to street vendors in terms of assortment and prices for citrus fruits. Since price tags with Arabic numerals are not easy to read for many people in Europe, we provide a list of prices below.

In general, it should be noted that the price level for citrus fruits in Egypt is extremely low compared to prices in Europe. This is due to the fact that the country is a large producer and exporter. Also, Egypt often experiences devaluations of its national currency, so the prices in the dollar equivalent seem very low. Prices are valid for December 12-13, 2023; however, it should be noted that due to the blockade of the Red Sea, citrus prices in Egypt may start to decrease.

Street trade:

Clementines – 18 EGP or $0.58 per kg.

Tangerines – 25 EGP or $0.81 per kg.

 Oranges – 18 EGP or $0.58 per kg

 Baladi oranges – 20 EGP or $0.65 per kg.

 “Sweet oranges” – 20 EGP or $0.65 per kg.

 Lemons – 30 EGP or $0.97 per kg.

 Seoudi supermarket (B+ class):

 White grapefruit 18.95 EGP — or $0.61 per kg.

Tangerine – at a discount of 22 EGP instead of 26 or $0.11 per kg.

Lemon – 32 EGP or $1.03 per kg.

Grapefruit – 27 EGP or $0.61 per kg.


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