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Prices for greenhouse cucumbers keep rising in Ukraine

Another increase in the price of greenhouse cucumbers has been recorded in Ukraine this week, according to EastFruit project analysts. The price rise is due to the increased demand for cucumbers given against a rather limited supply. Over the past week, the harvest of cucumbers in greenhouses has significantly decreased due to cloudy weather, while trade in the segment, on the contrary, has only increased.

Since the beginning of this week alone, prices for greenhouse cucumbers from local plants have grown by an average of 16%. Today, they are offered for sale at 100-150 UAH/kg ($2.73-4.10/kg).

According to market participants, demand in the greenhouse cucumber segment has noticeably intensified this week. Retail chains and large wholesale companies showed particular interest in purchasing. In addition, the supply of imported cucumbers has decreased, which also allowed representatives of Ukrainian greenhouse complexes to raise prices.

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It should be noted that currently, Ukrainian greenhouse complexes are already shipping cucumbers on average 1.5 times more expensive than at the end of March 2022. At the same time, market operators consider the upward price trend in this segment to be a temporary phenomenon. According to them, prices for local cucumbers will begin to decline as soon as the weather conditions normalize and their supply on the Ukrainian market begins to grow.


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