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Free onions from a Moldovan producer – due to no demand

Farmer Igor Popov from Ocnita region (Moldova) gives his onions for free – the farmer did this out of despair. He simply has no market for 15 tons of onions, and therefore he is ready to give out all his stock. The high quality of onions is proved by the fact that the farmer managed to sell part of them to Romania, in the EU market.

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“There are no buyers in the local market, and there are no export buyers either. We supplied onions to Romania, but all the storages there are full, and there is nowhere else to sell. I hope this onion will be of use to those who take it for free” Igor Popov from the village of Dynzheny explained, quoted by blocknot-moldova.

Earlier EastFruit wrote that the onion market in the Russian Federation also disappoints local producers, who hoped for a rise in prices by mid-spring. Thus, the demand for onions from the main buyers has dropped significantly due to serious problems with their quality. Meanwhile, prices continue to decline, and the market is waiting for imports of onions from Central Asia, which starts in a week. The price decline in this segment began at the end of March, and the negative trend is now strengthening in all regions of the country.


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