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The cheapest apples are sold in Ukraine – EastFruit

EastFruit experts completed an audit of the fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. As part of the audit, retail prices for basic vegetables and fruits were monitored in a representative number of supermarket chains of various formats.

It was very interesting to compare retail prices for apples in the largest cities of the region, especially considering the excessive supply of apples on the market this year. The first two positions in the rating were taken by Ukrainian Kyiv and Dnipro with a wide margin from all other cities.

A kilogram of apples in Kyiv could be bought at $0.36/kg average – 19% cheaper than in Dnipro, a third cheaper than in Chisinau and half as much as in Tbilisi. The difference between the prices for apples in Kiev and the cities of Central Asia is even greater – prices in Uzbekistan are 2.5 times higher, and in Tajikistan – 3 times higher.

By the way, retail prices for apples even in Poland, the region’s largest apple exporter, are much higher than in Ukraine. The average retail price for apples in Warsaw is about $0.73/kg – i.e. prices here are twice as high as in Kyiv and approximately correspond to the price level in Moldova.

Retail prices for apples in Eastern European countries have significantly decreased compared to 2020, while in Central Asia they have risen sharply. And here Kyiv again turns out to be the leader in the decrease of the average retail price for apples – prices in mid-November 2021 were 43% lower here than at the same time last year. Prices in Dnipro fell by 22%, and in Chisinau – by 39%.

The leader of the rise in apple prices was the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent – apples have risen in price by more than 1.5 times over the year.

What will happen on the Ukrainian apple market in the coming months, how to sell your apples in the country’s supermarket chains, how to protect the orchard from frost and other important issues for horticulture will be covered during the FTrade Club 2021 in Kyiv 2- December 3, 2021. Registration is available at this link.


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