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Ukrainian apples may finally be exported direcly as Maersk and Lloyd re-open container lines from Ukraine

Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd recently announced the resumption of container transportation services to key ports in Ukraine, specifically those located on the Black Sea. This development marks the first time container shipments have recommenced since the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The restoration of these vital trade routes became possible following Ukraine’s decisive victory over the aggressor’s Black Sea fleet. Notably, this victory included the destruction of a significant number of enemy ships, including a submarine, and the subsequent containment of the remaining Russian fleet in distant ports.

According to reports from EastFruit, Ukrainian apple exporters are already receiving offers for fruit exports via containers. However, these exporters are proceeding cautiously when it comes to signing export contracts. The primary concern lies in the overall costs associated with shipping. Beyond the standard freight charges, exporters must also account for container delivery expenses to the port. Given the heightened military risks and insurance costs, the financial burden is substantial.

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Interestingly, the current trend favors using Romania’s port infrastructure for apple exports from Ukraine. Surprisingly, this route proves to be more cost-effective than direct shipments through the newly reopened Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea. However, exporters and major apple growers remain open to the possibility that rates may decrease in the coming months as transport volumes increase.

Looking ahead, the 2024/25 apple export season faces potential challenges. Unfavorable weather conditions during spring 2024 have led to crop losses in many regions of Ukraine. Hail damage, in particular, has been higher than usual, impacting the overall volume of apples available for export.

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