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Will Georgia supply traditional export markets with herbs this season?

The season of herbs in high tunnels just started in Georgia. In conversation with EastFruit, local producers and exporters spoke about less production and low prices this season. Russia and Ukraine remain the main export markets for Georgian herbs, small volumes are exported to the Baltic states and Poland. Dill remains the most sought-after herb in traditional markets.

According to the farmers, there are several reasons why fewer herbs will be produced this season: the outflow of labor from the region, and the low price for herbs in the last two seasons, which created negative expectations on the market. Besides, farmers are unwilling to pay more for the renovation of high tunnels.

Source: EastFruit

According to the exporters, there aren’t many herbs on the market now, and exports will increase in January. Farmgate prices vary from 2.5-3.5 GEL ($0.93-$1.3). Farmers don’t expect that exporters will increase the prices in January – instead, they have more positive expectations for the local market. Usually, only the Imereti region (West Georgia) supplies the local market starting from January, as other regions only have open-field production of herbs.


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