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Wholesale prices rise for root crops on the Ukrainian market

In the Ukrainian root crop market, there is a tendency for prices to rise for these products, according to analysts of the EastFruit project. The main reason for the rise in prices for carrots and beets is the seasonal reduction in the supply.

Today, carrots are offered for sale at 3-5 UAH/kg ($0.11-0.18/kg), which is on average 22% more expensive than at the end of last year. The price for beets during this period also increased by 22% on average and shipped at 3-5 UAH/kg ($0.11-0.18/kg) as well.

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Market participants explained the rise in prices in the root crops segment is from a noticeable reduction in these products on the market. To date, the sales of root crops from unequipped storage facilities are almost complete and the supply of substandard carrots and beets has also significantly decreased. In turn, this allowed producers to raise prices for quality products.

It should be noted that as a result of the rise in prices today, prices for carrots and table beets in Ukraine are already on average 31% higher than in the same period last year.


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