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Wholesale prices for fruits in Ukraine have doubled over the year – banana and grape prices have risen the most

EastFruit analysts report that wholesale fruit prices in Ukraine at the end of 2022 were on average 98% higher than at the end of 2021. The main reason for such a sharp price rise is the rise in the cost of imported fruits due to the devaluation of the hryvnia (UAH) and the increase in the cost of logistics due to the full-scale invasion of Russian aggressors into the country.

Banana prices have risen the most – they have risen sharply in the last week of 2022 in Ukraine and everywhere. Ukraine used to import green bananas through its Black Sea ports, and they ripened there, but the ports are blocked by Russia now. This forces Ukrainian importers to import bananas by road transport from EU countries, which leads to a significant increase in import costs. Thus, banana prices in Ukraine have risen almost 3 times in UAH, and 2.1 times in USD over the year.

Table grapes, all of which are imported by Ukraine, too, were the second in terms of price growth (to know more about why Ukraine imports and does not grow grapes, see the presentations of industry experts at the link). Table grape prices in UAH increased by 2.7 times, and by 2 times in USD. They were also affected by the inability to import grapes by sea from countries with more affordable prices (Turkey, Egypt, India) than in the EU.

The price for pears rose by 84% in UAH and by 37% in USD – less than the previous positions since the demand for pears was partially met by local products. Ukrainian growers have been actively expanding the plantations of pear trees in recent years.

It is noteworthy that the rise in prices for citrus fruits was not as sharp as for other imported fruits. However, this was due to a decrease in their prices in the region, which partially compensated for the increase in domestic prices in Ukraine.

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Meanwhile, the wholesale prices for apples, the most massively sold fruit, grew only by 29% in UAH over the year and were 4% lower in USD than last year. The main reason is the same – Ukraine needs access to seaports for the successful export of apples. Since Ukrainian ports remain blocked for the export of products in containers, most of the products are sold on the domestic market. And this increases the pressure on domestic prices.


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